EXOME Contributors





Detroit Ann Arbor

New York


  • Art Pappas

    Managing Partner at Pappas Ventures

  • Deborah Mosca

    CEO of the Marine Bio-Technologies Center of Innovation

  • Eric Toone

    Vice Provost and Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative at Duke University

  • Mark Velleca

    CEO of G1 Therapeutics

San Diego

San Francisco


  • Bennett Shapiro

    Partner, PureTech Ventures

  • Clay Siegall

    Co-Founder and CEO, Seattle Genetics

  • H. Stewart Parker

    Former CEO, Infectious Disease Research Institute and Targeted Genetics

  • Larry Corey

    President and Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

  • Leroy Hood

    Co-Founder and President, Institute for Systems Biology

  • Thong Le

    CEO, Accelerator Corporation; CEO and Director, Acylin Therapeutics


  • Bill McKeon

    Vice president, chief strategy and operating officer of the Texas Medical Center

  • Bob Metcalfe

    Professor of Innovation at The University of Texas at Austin

  • Gail Page

    Founder, Managing Director of Vineyard Investment Advisors; Partner, Executive Chair of Consortia Health

  • Lynda Chin

    Associate vice chancellor for health transformation, UT System

  • Rathindra Bose

    Vice Chancellor, University of Houston

  • Ronald DePinho

    President, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • William Cohn

    Director at the Texas Heart Institute


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